Competition is in CFMOTO's DNA, which is why we present the all-new 675SR-R!

Every year CFMOTO an event of its own at the Zhejiang circuit. The CFMOTO Days. This year, the event took place on 13 July 2024 and for the occasion, the new 3-cylinder racer in the range was presented to the public in its final version.

Designed for the track, equipped for the road
The new CFMOTO 675SR-R redefines the codes of the series introduced with the 450SR. The all-new 675cc three-cylinder engine, introduced by CFMOTO developed in-house, is one of the lightest of its kind, weighing just 54 kg. With a maximum power of 95 hp at 11,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 70 Nm delivered at 8,250 rpm, you won't be short of anything on the track and public roads! A2 driving licence owners take note! The 675SR-R will also become available as an A2 motorbike.

Technical specifications differ from those of the existing 675 engines, with 72 mm stroke and 55.2 mm bore. Double overhead camshafts with forged pistons ensure a top speed of 12,300 rpm and a top speed of over 220 km/h. It has ride by wire, quickshifter and a disengageable traction control system with 2 adjustable levels.

KYB's 130mm suspension is fully adjustable and it is equipped with 300mm J-Juan 4-piston disc brakes at the front and 240mm at the rear. The tyres are CST S3 120/70 R17 and 180/55 R17. The frame is made of CrMo steel, with a 23.7° angled steering head and 93.2 mm suspension travel. Total empty weight is 189 kg, with a 15-litre fuel tank.

A full range for everyday use
The 675SR-R is designed as a pure sports bike, but it can also accompany you on everyday rides. Like the rest of the SR range, the CFMOTO 675SR-R comes with a full range of latest-generation equipment as standard. The 5″ TFT screen gives you clear, detailed feedback and the front and rear lights are LED. It also has USB type A and type C connections. A steering damper, heated grips and tyre pressure monitoring on the TFT screen are optionally available.

This information is subject to change before the model is finally released in the Benelux. When the new CFMOTO 675SR-R will be available in Benelux from the nearest dealer will be announced soon but if you want to be updated on the latest information on this model, fill in our contact form in! If you want to be among the first to give a 675SR-R the spur of the moment, we advise you to pre-order from your nearest dealer.







When DG Sport launched the Bikers' Festival created on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, it had the ambition to bring together motorcycling of all times and all fashions in one event! A bold gamble, but a gamble that paid off!

With driving sessions for both modern and vintage machines, parades, static and dynamic exhibitions at the heart of the Bikers' Village in the presence of a host of importers, prestigious guests during the Bikers' Classics, spectacular events, hill rides, enduro and old-style trials, brought the Bikers' Festival all motorbike fans together and delighted them, with an 'all-in-one' formula that was a hit from the outset. It was an eagerly awaited event that is already part of the good habits of any self-respecting motorcyclist.

Retrieved from Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August DG Sport is organising the second edition of the Bikers' Festival. The whole motorbike world will then be back at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, and you hopefully too. CFMOTO is present in the Bikers'Village and we show the very latest models to the general public. And we don't do it with a stately show!

No, in such surroundings, of course you have to go for a drive! That's why you are welcome to take a free test drive with a CFMOTO to your choice.

Specifically, anyone can register online for a CFMOTO model and time slot of your choice. A total of 10 CFMOTOs ready for a twenty-minute test near the beautiful Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Or how to combine the pleasant with... the pleasant!

Registrations for test drives are open, so if you are considering a new purchase in the coming months, it is worth passing by at the Bikers' Festival 2024. Gentlemen and women, start your keyboard and hurry to the website! Via this link you can easily register! Do click on the word HERE to register.


The motor festival full of character will take place on 1 and 2 June 2024 at Autotron Rosmalen. Get ready for a weekend full of experience, music and fun. And above all, lots of CFMOTO models. We will have all 450cc models in Rosmalen, you can get to know the 700MT, the 700CL-X Heritage and Adventure as well as the 800cc models and we will also have the ZEEHO AE8S+ electric motor scooter ready. We look forward to welcoming you at our registration desk and don't forget to grab a fortune cookie.

Information about the event, please click here and are sure you don't want to miss it then pre-order your tickets 





The CFMOTO ASPAR SPECIAL EDITION is a one-off concept that pays tribute to Jorge "Aspar" Martinez, the team manager of the CFMOTO Aspar Racing Team. The new collaboration took the brand to its first-ever World Championship victory: the black and white is reminiscent of both CFMOTO's motorbike products and the Aspar Racing Team's glorious colours.

As the team led CFMOTO to its first victory in the "lightweight" (Moto3) class, the number #5 is a direct tribute to the race number used by Jorge Martinez during the very first victory in the 125cc world championship.

The number #5 creates a vibrant and dynamic effect while establishing a link with CFMOTO's corporate and racing colours: Blue, fuchsia and purple. The line of the frame - a typical CFMOTO design feature - is highlighted by the brand's corporate colour and enhanced by a special rider seat finished in CFMOTO Blue.

The racing attitude of this one-off is specifically designed for the track such as the single-seat configuration, CFMOTO's upgraded CNC footpegs and CNC fuel cap. The upside-down front suspension is treated with a gold accent, the low-positioned exhaust is perfectly integrated into the bike's shape through a black paint job, while the grey swingarm shows off its racing aspirations. Semi-slick tyres - with white accents - mounted on blue rims are the pinnacle of this CFMOTO concept dedicated to Jorge "Aspar" Martinez.

CFMOTO's flagship NK series has won the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024" for its Cut The Edge design. It is the first time a Chinese brand wins with a large-displacement ICE motorbike.

CFMOTO is proud to announce that the 800NK has won the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024" in the Motorcycle Design category. The "Red Dot Award" is one of the most famous design awards that has evaluated thousands of products from around the world since 1955. To receive the award in the year of its 35th anniversary makes the Hangzhou-based company even more proud of this achievement. CFMOTO is the first Chinese brand to win the "Red Dot Award: Product Design" with a large-displacement ICE motorbike.

The 800NK is a global product whose iconic shapes have captured the hearts of many enthusiasts around the world, as well as the attention of the Red Dot jury. The flagship of the NK family marked a milestone for CFMOTO: the introduction of a design philosophy that now sets the direction for all new motorbikes added to the line-up. With its powerful 799cc twin-cylinder inline engine, the 800NK is a naked bike with a distinctive "Cut The Edge" design, high-tech features and top performance.

This award is an international recognition for the CFMOTO Design Team and R&D department: a testament to the dedication of the designers and engineers focused on innovation and delivering the best products to customers. The vision of CFMOTO design is defined by the 2-wheels Design Director: Carles Solsona, based at the CFMOTO European R&D Centre in Italy.

"Winning the prestigious Red Dot Award is a great result for the whole team," said Carles Solsona. "The 800NK is one of the CFMOTO products that better embodies our brand's core values: design, technology, performance. This achievement is a great way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of our company, as well as the recognition of our commitment and development of our own design philosophy destined for a global market."

The 800NK is available in Benelux in two versions, the Sport and the Advanced. While the Sport is already a true naked at heart with its powerful 799cc parallel-twin with 95hp and 81Nm, the Advanced goes the extra mile in terms of equipment. Among other things, the Advanced is additionally equipped with quickshifter, steering damper, keyless start and an 8" TFT touchscreen dashboard with Apple Carplay. Of course, these CFMOTO models also come with a five-year warranty. Prices for the 800NK Sport version € 8299 (BE) and € 8899 (NL) and the Advanced € 8999 (BE) and € 9999 (NL).

CFMOTO's versatile adventure-touring creation, the 450MT, was unveiled in late 2023 under the light and glare of the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, and entered the enthusiastic hands of more than 150 media, guests and distributors this week for the motorbike's global presentation on the island of El Nido in the Philippines.

The picturesque Philippine island provided the ideal setting for roads and gravel paths to discover the 450MT's merits and strengths as a motorbike that transcends the limits of touring. Just like what Neil Yang (CFMOTO Sales Director) said in the opening speech, although the motorbike had initially appeared in front of the huge crowds that had flocked to EICMA as its first debut, it is still exciting that in El Nido, the throttles were opened for the first time and the many features and benefits of the 450MT were explained.

Markus Ferch (CFMOTO VP of Sales Europe) and Carles Solsona (CFMOTO Design Director) both led the presentation of the 450MT, answering questions on how the motorbike will redefine performance and expectations in the medium-duty adventure segment of the market. They also talked about CFMOTO's thriving international profile.

"We are one of the fastest growing powersports brands," said Mr Ferch. "Our business performance has improved dramatically and our determination for our vision deserves the most credit. All these years, we have been committed to becoming a top-tier global powersports brand. We are following a clear strategy of globalisation, electrification and connectivity to achieve this."

"MT, short for 'multi-function touring', is our adventure bike product line," Mr Solsona noted. "The 450MT is our first mid-size adventure bike with strong off-road handling. Light, robust and inviting; this motorbike is a seamless combination of fresh design with advanced technology. Since the launch of the 650MT, our first MT bike in 2016, the MT line-up has been well received by the market, so we will continue to expand this line-up and create more adventures for our users worldwide."

For the 100-km ride the next day, CFMOTO was keen to reveal how the 450MT offers smooth power delivery and confidence while offering an unbeatable balance between weight and agility. At the heart of the bike is a high standard of functionality that means every journey does not end when the road ends.

Participants were let loose on a fleet of 450MTs around El Nido, with about half of the route being off tarmac and in the element of the motorbike: mangrove trails, mountain passes, lots of unpaved surfaces and tricky terrain plus lots of elevation changes. The group passed through popular spots like Duli Beach and the northern tip of Ligad Island, and also traversed the CFMOTO PARK field test area (the E-Bahay Nature Adventure Park) with curves and dusty trails to test the 450MT's off-road prowess and verify that the model can handle a wide range of conditions with relentless capabilities.

The 450MT occupies a position as the perfect 'entry-level' model for motorcyclists who want more from a regular motorbike. The model is right at the start of CFMOTO's extensive MT adventure touring line with options for 650, 700 and 800 (and derivatives) displacement. Whether customers want to ride off-road for the first time and need a light, snappy, complete and affordable package to do so or experienced adventurers prefer a more nimble, fun and manageable 'steed', the 450MT's versatility will satisfy many demands.

The 449cc engine is a parallel, liquid-cooled DOHC twin with 270° crankshaft and delivers 44 hp and 44 Nm of torque at 8500 rpm, tailored to the demands of off-road riding. The punchy power feel is especially useful at mid-range speeds and has been achieved through adjustments to the camshaft, ignition angle and intake/exhaust system, while being controlled by BOSCH EFI. The dual balance shaft ensures minimal vibration through this responsive and raspy engine.

A good adventure tourer should be at home in the specific environments but also be able to transform into a competent all-rounder in no time. The trellis-style frame has the ideal construction, stiffness and geometry to do this trick. The slim chassis dimensions help with a dry weight of 175 kg. The adjustable KYB suspension (41mm forks, multilink rear shock, both with 200mm suspension travel) is a reliable part of the technical platform for all conditions.

The 450MT can ride for days on the tarmac, but the bike should offer a rounded riding experience when the rider needs to stand and make use of the 220 mm ground clearance. First of all, the one-piece seat height of 820 mm can be adjusted to 800 mm (also with an accessory seat option for 850/870 mm). The cross-spoke alloy tubeless wheels (21" front and 18" rear) can take a beating and keep rolling. The footpegs are mounted high and ready to be punished if needed: they are part of a universal ergonomics that combines convenience with the feeling of firm front-end control and contact with the 17.5-litre fuel tank and protective bodywork. The rally-style adjustable windscreen protects the rider and the curved TFT display that shows whether the BOSCH dual-channel ABS system is engaged or not (disengage the system at the rear for slides and plenty of drift fun). The BOSCH traction control system is another advanced tool for when conditions require a more bespoke approach at the wheel. Large spotlights, folding mirrors and generously sized hand guards are other nods to the bike's off-road character.

The design aspect of the 450 MT does not stop at the elegant colours and graphic finishes. Every panel and every inch has been shaped to accentuate the riding experience and contact surface. The 450MT will not let you down under any circumstances. The engine itself is modern and prepared for the rigours of riding. Smart connectivity is provided by the free CFMOTO RIDE app that provides anytime, anywhere system analysis (mileage, acceleration, cornering. Reminders, OTA updates and much more is possible with just a few finger movements.

After the tour of El Nido, the international media particularly praised the 450MT's handling and settings; the way it manoeuvred over rocky terrain and even through small water crossings! The ergonomics were praised for the compromise between comfort and acute control when things got rough.

The launch of the 450MT on El Nido was an apt location for a motorbike that is unparalleled and has all kinds of capabilities. Whether riders want to cruise, explore or roam, CFMOTO has delivered a motorbike that masters its surroundings and, more importantly, a motorbike that evokes emotions.


CFMOTO, now 35 years old, is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the two- and four-wheeled ATV industry (the best-selling ORV brand in Europe) with more than 3,000 dealers around the world in more than 100 countries. CFMOTO employs more than 5,500 staff and specialists with offices in Thailand, the US, Europe and Mexico and more than 1 million users across the continents. CFMOTO's motorbike portfolio has grown significantly over the past decade with machines in various sectors. The company has a production capacity of more than 240,000 motorbikes and four-wheelers per year respectively, as well as more than 100,000 electric vehicles through sub-brand ZEEHO.

The MOTORbeurs Utrecht is here again, and this year is the showplace of choice to experience CFMOTO's latest models. If you are passionate about technological advances and looking for a motorbike that offers both quality and value, a visit to this stand is a must during the event.

Innovation and Progress - CFMOTO's New Models

Tradition mixed with high-tech innovation; that is what CFMOTO stands for. This year, CFMOTO has outdone itself with models that not only meet the highest technological standards, but also have a price tag that fits within a smart budget.

The focus is on performance, design and comfort. So whether you are looking for a sleek sports bike, a robust tourer or a nimble city bike, CFMOTO's line is ready to exceed your expectations. But what really makes these bikes worthy of the spotlight?

Technology in the front row

Every CFMOTO motorbike is a testament to cutting-edge technology. With a range of electronic riding aids that maximise safety and handling, among other things, CFMOTO gives you the control you need on the road. Think high-tech features like ABS, traction control and various riding modes that you will find on many of their models.

Optimal price-quality ratio

CFMOTO is committed to offering optimum value for money, meaning you get a bike packed with features you would normally only expect from high-end brands, but at a fraction of the price.

Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, CFMOTO offers something extra that few other manufacturers can match: an extended warranty of 5 years. So you can invest in a new engine with confidence, knowing that CFMOTO stands behind their product.

Experience it yourself at the MOTORbeurs Utrecht

It is one thing to read about these bikes, but quite another to see, feel and maybe even try them out for yourself. MOTORbeurs Utrecht is the perfect opportunity to do just that. So, whether you're in the market for a new motorbike or just want to keep up with the latest trends in the motorbike world, make sure you don't miss CFMOTO's stand.

CFMOTO - A Promise of Quality and Innovation

CFMOTO continues to deliver on its promise of quality and innovation, driven by a passion for motorcycling and a commitment to its riders. The company continues to push the boundaries in terms of affordable, technologically advanced two-wheelers.

We invite all motorcyclists, from the experienced rot to the curious beginner, to join this experience and see for themselves why CFMOTO is becoming a market leader in the world of motorcycling. Visit us at MOTORbeurs Utrecht and discover the future on two wheels!

Read also CFMOTO packs a punch at the MOTORbeurs Utrecht!

Never before has the model range at CFMOTO been so big! With no less than five 450cc models, they are entering the Benelux and will be pulling out all the stops at the Motor Fair in Utrecht. Absolute topper is the new 450NK. This naked will be priced at €6,199 (NL €6,999). Its cupped brother, the 450SR S with 'n single-sided swingarm and Superbike looks costs €6,999 (NL €7,999). Entering the racing segment, by the way, you do for €6,499 (NL €7,399) with the 450SR. More of the "laid back" and cruising? Then you can't beat the 450CL-C. Not only in looks but also in price. For €6,299 (NL €7,299) every ride is easy! Last but not least and adventurers have known it all along. The new 450MT goes for €6,999 (NL €7,799) bringing many worlds together. Of course, all these CFMOTO 450cc models come with a 5-year warranty as standard!

Besides these 450cc 35kW A2 models, CFMOTO aims to enthuse even more male and female motorcyclists to get on their bikes. Whether it is for the daily commute or relaxing rides to known and unknown destinations. The updated 700MT doesn't shy away from it. More cc's, more power and torque, updated bodywork, 5" TFT dashboard with standard USB type A and C ensure not only optimal ease of use but also many great kilometres. And we almost forgot to mention that it has adjustable suspension and a large petrol tank of a whopping 18 litres. The 700MT will be introduced for €6,999 (NL €7,799) and as an extra for the month of February and March, CFMOTO is adding a set of side cases for just 1 Euro. If that's not an unwrapper! Oh yes, this 700MT is also available in A2 version! There is also a promotion for all 800MT models. From now until 31 March 2024, you get 50% discount on a 3-piece case set (€750 instead of €1,500) when buying an 800MT Sport, Touring or Explore. Extra advantage for Belgium, the 800MT Sport and the 700CL-X Heritage have been reduced €500 in price! The 800MT Sport now costs €8,999 (NL €10,999) and the 700CL-X Heritage €6,499 (NL €7,499).

Curious about the new 2024 models? The 700MT, 450NK and 450SR S are already at official CFMOTO dealers. The 450MT and the 450CL-C, as well as the 800MT Explore and 800NK Advanced, can be seen at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht from 22 to 25 February in hall 7 of the Jaarbeurshallen.

CFMOTO and Aspar Racing Team join forces in 2024 to fight for the Moto2 and Moto3 titles. The Spanish team will compete at all World Championship circuits to take CFMOTO to the top of the podium in an exciting season that will see the team repeat its line-up in Moto2 and welcome a new rookie in Moto3 alongside current rookie of the year David Alonso.

Aspar Team, a team that has taken 26 wins, 58 podiums and 2 world titles in Moto3 with Albert Arenas and Izan Guevara since beginning their collaboration with the Pierer Mobility group in 2018.
CFMOTO entered the Moto3 world championship in 2022 and managed to get on the podium in Indonesia already in the first season. In 2023, CFMOTO achieved two more podium finishes and now, in 2024, the goal is even more ambitious: to fight for wins and podiums with the help of Jake Dixon and Izan Guevara, in Moto2, and David Alonso and Joel Esteban, in Moto3.

Jorge Martínez "Aspar":
"In 2024, we want to compete for the title in Moto3 and Moto2 and the fact that we are doing it with CFMOTO is an extra incentive. We are very happy that we can count on their support and we will fight to make them proud and give them many wins this season.

Su Zhen, CFMOTO Racing Development Manager:
"The partnership with Aspar will help CFMOTO Racing to the next level. We believe there are more wins and podium finishes ahead with this legendary team. The 2024 season is just the beginning, with the Aspar team we will look for more collaboration opportunities outside the paddock."

From 07 tem 12 November, the 80th edition of EICMA will take place at the Fiera Milano; it is the perfect opportunity to come and see CFMOTO's stand but also ZEEHO's. CFMOTO & ZEEHO are promising for this fair, they will play an important role with their VISION IN MOTION range for 2024 and for the future.

CFMOTO is poised to set a new record in terms of product development, sales and turnover. This is thanks to all its users - and there are now more than a million of them - and also thanks to its rapidly growing and international dealer network. It goes without saying that the dynamic R&D and technical team contribute a lot to this.

CFMOTO will be present with a magnificent 608sq m stand on the ground floor and some 100sq m on the second floor. The CFMOTO and ZEEHO press conference will be attended by some 600 people from CFMOTO headquarters, subsidiaries, distributors and media from around the world.

ZEEHO, CFMOTO's three-year-old electric brand, also takes centre stage at this edition of EICMA. Aimed at Gen-Z, the product is trendy and answers the needs of urban users.

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