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Explore the world

The 800MT Explore, the most fully equipped version of the 800MT series, has the same features as the Touring, but with even more off-road equipment to take you anywhere.

Engine mount, centre stand, hand guards, heated seat and grips and an 8-inch Carplay-compatible screen make this a comfortable and convenient motorbike. Traction control, bi-directional shifter, switchable ABS, 4 riding modes, blind spot radar and Michelin Anakee tyres make it indispensable for off-road adventures in complete safety.

The CFMOTO 800MT Explore will take you to the end of the world.

NL: € 14.499 BPM incl.

Huge power

The 800MT EXPLORE features an 8-inch TFT full-laminated screen with an automotive-grade MCU, for clear visual effects and smooth operation like a tablet. IP67 waterproof and dustproof, fully capable of serving as your second mobile device. Traction control system intervention improves vehicle traction and stability and helps prevent wheel slip and loss of control.

The selectable 4 driving modes Sport/Rain/Off-road/All-terrain, conveniently located on the multifunction steering wheel, can also be used to control tyre pressure via the menu, allowing riders to tailor their experience to their preferences and road conditions. The cornering ABS function adds an extra layer of safety and fun, allowing riders to navigate challenging terrain with confidence. For long-distance riding, the Cruise Control function ensures a comfortable and effortless experience, allowing riders to maintain speeds of up to 120 km/h. The optional side panniers with locks offer 63 litres of storage space and the optional top pannier has 6 litres of storage space. Price three-piece pannier set €1490.

The adventurous style of the 800MT Explore exudes an imposing presence that is sure to attract attention. Break away from the traditional front design. Its big stature on the touring road is balanced by an overall geometry that ensures easy handling on the street and a comfortable ride for long-distance rides.


Since 1 May 2023, all new motorbikes launched by the CFMOTO Benelux network enjoy a five-year warranty.

CFMOTO Guarantee

Specifications 800MT Explore

Engine type: In-line twin, 4-stroke
Cylinder capacity: 799 cc
Max power: 91 hp (67 kW) at 9250 rpm
Max torque: 75 N.m at 8000 rpm
Bore x stroke (mm):
Compression ratio:
Cooling: water-cooled
Gears: 6
Seat height (mm): 825 mm
Dimensions (mm): 2234 x 853 x 1475 mm
Wheelbase (mm): 1531 mm
Ground clearance (mm): 190 mm
Min turning circle (m): n.n.a.
Max load (kg): n.n.a.
Fuel tank capacity (L) 19 L
Weight (kg): 231 kg
Colours: Gem Black
Front suspension:
Rear suspension:
Braking system: Double disc, J.Juan, 320 mm
ABS: Standard, switchable / TCS / False sensor
Front wheel rim: 19" Aluminium spoke wheel Tubeless
Rear wheel rim: 17" Aluminium spoke wheel Tubeless
Tyres: 110/80 R19 - 150/70 R17


Euro5 silencer


Top case alu

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