NewsCFMOTO 800MT Allroad Training

CFMOTO 800MT Allroad Training

Do you have a CFMOTO 800MT and would like to sharpen your motorbike skills a bit more ? Then the CFMOTO 800MT Allroad Training definitely something for you !

During this training you will learn the techniques of motorcycling on unpaved terrain. This raises the bar slightly, but this is a distinct way to hone your general motorcycling skills. There is no prior knowledge or experience required to take up off-road training. Also, you no studded tyres mount (but it is allowed, of course).


  • From 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • In groups of five or six
  • Lunch & drinks included
  • With your own engine
  • In collaboration with Motokhana
  • CFMOTO gift included


  • All-road training track within the grounds of Circuit Zolder
  • Address: Terlaemen 30, 3550 Heusden-Zolder


  • 205 € (including sandwich lunch) per person


  • One can always sign up for a day's training at Motokhana.
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