NewsCFMOTO packs a punch at the MOTORbeurs Utrecht!

CFMOTO packs a punch at the MOTORbeurs Utrecht!

Never before has the model range at CFMOTO been so big! With no less than five 450cc models, they are entering the Benelux and will be pulling out all the stops at the Motor Fair in Utrecht. Absolute topper is the new 450NK. This naked will be priced at €6,199 (NL €6,999). Its cupped brother, the 450SR S with 'n single-sided swingarm and Superbike looks costs €6,999 (NL €7,999). Entering the racing segment, by the way, you do for €6,499 (NL €7,399) with the 450SR. More of the "laid back" and cruising? Then you can't beat the 450CL-C. Not only in looks but also in price. For €6,299 (NL €7,299) every ride is easy! Last but not least and adventurers have known it all along. The new 450MT goes for €6,999 (NL €7,799) bringing many worlds together. Of course, all these CFMOTO 450cc models come with a 5-year warranty as standard!

Besides these 450cc 35kW A2 models, CFMOTO aims to enthuse even more male and female motorcyclists to get on their bikes. Whether it is for the daily commute or relaxing rides to known and unknown destinations. The updated 700MT doesn't shy away from it. More cc's, more power and torque, updated bodywork, 5" TFT dashboard with standard USB type A and C ensure not only optimal ease of use but also many great kilometres. And we almost forgot to mention that it has adjustable suspension and a large petrol tank of a whopping 18 litres. The 700MT will be introduced for €6,999 (NL €7,799) and as an extra for the month of February and March, CFMOTO is adding a set of side cases for just 1 Euro. If that's not an unwrapper! Oh yes, this 700MT is also available in A2 version! There is also a promotion for all 800MT models. From now until 31 March 2024, you get 50% discount on a 3-piece case set (€750 instead of €1,500) when buying an 800MT Sport, Touring or Explore. Extra advantage for Belgium, the 800MT Sport and the 700CL-X Heritage have been reduced €500 in price! The 800MT Sport now costs €8,999 (NL €10,999) and the 700CL-X Heritage €6,499 (NL €7,499).

Curious about the new 2024 models? The 700MT, 450NK and 450SR S are already at official CFMOTO dealers. The 450MT and the 450CL-C, as well as the 800MT Explore and 800NK Advanced, can be seen at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht from 22 to 25 February in hall 7 of the Jaarbeurshallen.

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