CFMOTO Extended Warranty Program Benelux

CFMOTO Extended Warranty Program Benelux

It is well known that CFMOTO motorbikes can compete with the best in terms of design, handling and quality. To underline this quality, CFMOTO Benelux is now offering a three-year warranty extension from 1 May 2023 on top of the statutory two-year warranty period, so that you can enjoy your new CFMOTO motorbike for five years without any worries.

Not only will this make you worry-free on the road, but your new CFMOTO motorbike will also retain more of its value. But it gets even better. You can even transfer the warranty extension to a new buyer. Thanks to this transferable warranty extension, the resale value of your motorbike is also increased.

Your benefits:

  • 5 (2 + 3) years warranty
  • No mileage limitation
  • Coverage at any official CFMOTO dealer in the Benelux countries
  • All repairs are done with spare parts supplied by CFMOTO Benelux

Some of the key terms*:

  • The motorbike was purchased from an authorised CFMOTO motorbike dealer in the Benelux countries
  • Cover only applies if you have signed an agreement with your dealer for the extended warranty
  • All service and maintenance work carried out on time
  • All changes in ownership/holding of the motorbike have been recorded

*You can check all conditions in this document.

For more information, contact your CFMOTO motorbike dealer.

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